About Us

Agama label red women polo


Agama Label began as an idea in 2006. The Founders, Uzo and Emeka Menakaya had a vision to create a brand that reflects their aspirations for growth and success in all aspects of life, values that people all around the world can relate to.


The Agama Label brand features high-end casual clothing for men and women, created to provide a unique sense of style and comfort, while exuding a confident lifestyle.

The name "Agama" comes from the agama lizard, which is a beautiful yet very common reptile in Africa. It’s a proud creature with striking skin, which exhibits confidence and beauty in itself. We took that as our inspiration and created a brand that not only reflects class and prestige, but also perseverance.

We know that Agama has no boundaries, and neither do you.


Our mission is to be amongst the top elite in fashion and clothing design over the next ten years, to achieve success and to always give back to our respective communities where we operate.